Why invoke-thebrain.com or ITB?

You may be wondering why the name: invoke-thebrain.com?


When I was thinking about a name for a blog I wanted something unique, something you could google but would not get any results, yet. Since the beginning of 2017 I started to heavily use PowerShell. I’ve known it for years but never really had the need to use it. If you’re comfortable with PowerShell, you know its cmdlets are based on simple verb-noun combinations like Get-Process or Test-Path. To start, run, initiate or activate things you could use “start” or “invoke”. I liked the verb “invoke” better than “start”.


It’s amazing what our brain is capable of. After a brain damage you could let other parts of your brain take over the damaged functions. If you’ve lost the capability to speak because of an accident, you may train your brain to learn how to speak again. Isn’t that amazing!?
Professional Chess players can think through hundreds of moves. Some people can instantly read words in reverse. I’m sure magicians and mindreaders heavily depend on their brains, too. Even animals with small brains have extraordinary capabilities that are not only based on physical characteristics.


So, my advice to you: read, learn, practice, improve and share…
There you go: invoke your brain! Invoke theBrain! https://invoke-thebrain.com 🙂